If you desire to leave the adult entertainment world for a better life… you are at the right place! Is there a will?… then there is a way! You are not alone. We are here to help. We care about you and we can show you how to get out, through Jesus Christ.

We understand how difficult it is to come out of that lifestyle. You get used to the money, and used to the schedule. But what do you really have? Are you honestly happy? Are your bills really paid? Once you make the decision to leave, we know it’s not easy! But we are willing to walk it out with you. Call 239-628-1774 or email Jeanie@onewayout.org soon. If you need a question answered, we can help you in very tangible, practical and spiritual ways.

A Message From Jeanie

Are you tired of living your life the way it is now? Do you feel trapped and do not know a way out? There is a way out… and I learned it quite a few years ago. When I finally realized WHO the One Way Out was. I had been married five times and was a hopeless alcoholic. Girl, I needed a new life and that’s when I heard John 4 in the Bible where a woman had been married five times and Jesus said, “Woman, if you drink the water I have for you, you will never thirst again.” That was good news to a woman with a drinking problem. What Jesus can give you will also solve a drug problem, a broken heart problem, an addiction problem, a self image problem… Whatever the problem is, I can show you the One Way Out and His Name is Jesus.  One of my favorite quotes is from a TD Jakes book, Woman Thou Art Loosed, “I may have done the things they say I did, but I am not the woman they say I was.”

We Can Help You!

We want to see you become whole and free, living life better than you could ever imagine. We can help you by meeting some very practical needs:

Spiritual Guidance

Mentoring and Discipleship

Prayer Support

Support Group

Life Skills Training

Aid in Continuing Education

Professional Clothing

Financial Guidance


Resume Writing

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation


Jail Visitation

Special Life Events (Memorials, Weddings, Showers)

HIV and STD Testing facilitated

Steps To Freedom Meeting